Thursday, February 2, 2012

To-Go Make-up: Oldies are Goldies TAG

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to share a little bit of a different video. It’s not so much about a certain look but about a TAG. I was tagged by Beautykrams again and I worked on it for a while because the task is to do several looks with 5 eyeshadows you don’t really use (any more). So I looked for these eyeshadows and I found some:
  • Lilac eyeshadow by Rimmel which is really sheer and more like a highlight
  • silver color by MNY which is just chunky glitter with no real color
  • orange eyeshadow by RivaldeLoop which is pretty and well pigmented but just not my color
  • purple eyeshadow by ColorInstitute which is not too pigmented and really hard to work with
  • black pigment by NYX which is so hard to get out of the container and then also hard to work with!

So these are the colors and I wanted to create 5 looks only using these eyeshadows. You could also use other eyeshadows for these looks as Beautykrams did, but I preferred it that way. :)

So first I did a wearable look using just the orange eyeshadow and the lilac color as hightlight. I show everything I use in the video. This look is quite ok and I would wear this one again I think. I was really surprised on how much I like this orange shadow. But maybe that’s the reason why this tag is interesting. :)

Next I did kind of a fun look. I think that one is really pretty. Actually this is my favorite one of the 5. I would definitely wear this again, I loved it so much. I am using the Sleek Primer Palette for this look also. It is sooooo pretty. Love this palette.

The third look was the smoky one. The purple really disappointed me there. Obviously this is a really easy look and the colors didn’t go on well at all. This is probably my least favorite look just because of the streaky purple. :(

Then next is the tropical look. Again I was disappointed by the purple. I tried to get all the color out of the lilac that was somewhere in it. :D I was actually surprised that it did show up a bit. Obviously that is just not a got look for my eyeshape but I think on someone else I would like it (using another deeper purple ;)).

Last but not least is the glamorous look. I was really happy with the way it turned out but as I showed you in the video the silver color didn’t stay any second where I had put it. So her Royal Smudginess made me really sad at the end of the day. But other than that it is such a pretty look. :)

Ok, so I hope this was interesting to you. :) Of course now I need to tag someone. I don’t really like doing this but I will tag Mika (again, poor girl ^^), Minki’s BeautyCorner (also again, I am so sorry ^^) and a Youtuber I really like Hydra. :D I don’t know whether they wanna join this, but I hope so. Don’t forget to check out the looks on Beautykrams. :) She did a great job!

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Take care, bye!

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