Sunday, February 5, 2012

Purchase of the Month: September and October


Darkest purple
Hey guys,

Today I uploaded an old Purchase of the Month video. It’s about my Chanel palette which I got last year. I kind of forgot about doing this video. But of course I wanna talk about this palette a little bit.

Since this is really expansive I didn’t buy it from my money. I got it on Dshini for the *money* I earned being online and stuff. :)

Lightest purple
First you have 4 gorgeous shades of purple (one is more of a champagne highlight color, but ok). I really like the colors but when I first swatched them I was so disappointed. After paying about 50 Euro for it I expected something magical and special. But no magic happened. It was still an eyeshadow palette. I used it a few times now and the shades are pretty still but when I found some Manhatten shadows – also baked and in a quad, same feeling and pigmentation – for something less than 10 Euro I felt kind of sad.

I think about selling this palette or I will give it away maybe. The only color I would like to keep is the lightest purple. It’s almost skintone to me and the shimmer is really nice. As you can see from the pictures the other colors creased on me and I just don’t feel too comfortable wearing them.

Champagne color
I don’t wanna say that this is a bad palette, it’s just less than I expected. Anything else is said in the video so make sure you watch it. I used the palette for this look if you wanna see more pictures.
Don’t forget those: and

Take care, bye!

Midtone purple
Swatches of all 4 Colors from Lightest to Darkest

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