Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boyfriend TAG!

Hey guys,

Today it’s a different post than usual. I was asked to do the boyfriend tag and after a while I convinced him that this is fun. So we tried it and I really liked the result. I think it’s very creative and he did a good job considering that he never really watched my videos or did make-up on anyone. :D

The inspiration for his look was Superman because that’s his favorite super hero. I was thinking about doing a hero-theme on my blog so maybe I’ll get back to this look later on. :)

So I don’t wanna talk too much, just enjoy watching now. He’s showing all the things used, so I don’t wanna post them here again. :D

Inspiration picture. :)
If you wanna see a part two (My boyfriend doing my nails!) let us know in the comments. :D

Don’t forget those: and

Take care, bye!

If you like kitties, click once, so my cat gets a new toilet! :)


  1. Hahaha, das ist sau cool! Ich will auch nur einen Freund, nur damit ich diesen TAG machen kann! xD

  2. Danke. :D Wenn du dann einen hast, musste das auf jeden Fall machen!

    Allerdings kann man den Kommentar auch gut falsch verstehen, mit dem "nur einen Freund". Mein erster Gedanke war: Wie viele hat sie? ^^

  3. xD will auch nur einen dafür *g* und ich möcht das nochmal sehen!!! ^^