Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tag: I don't know the name. :D

Hey guys,
still I didn't get everything to work but I will soon. I have been tagged yesterday and here are my answers. I was tagged by sanvitt who also send me the Catrice palette. :) Thx girl!

1. My name is: Kitty (It's a nickname, but it's easy to pronounce. ;))

2. My age is: 20 (Just for about 2 more days. :D)

3. This is my favorite color: probably pink because it just looks great on me (as far as clothes go)

4. Word that describes me best:

[ ] active, [ ] touchy, [ ] sensitive, [ ] dreamy, [ ] full of energy, [x] large-minded, [ ] of good nature

I am probably none of these... If I had to pick one...
5. I am: [ ] chaotic, [ ] tidily, [x] kind of inbetween, [ ] picky

7. I am: [x] Optimist, [ ] Pessimist, [ ] both

8. My favorite kind of sports: I hate sports in general (because of school) but I like swimming, football and I try to be friends with tennis :D

9. My Lucky Number: 13 and 24

10. My favorite season:  Summer, like vacation - season ^^ I just love sun and hanging out on the beach with a nice book and my cute boyfriend complaining about something ;)

11. I am collecting: sales checks and recipes for cakes and cookies :D

12. My favorite song: I hate listening to the radio but I love Placebo (the older songs) and Sue Denim (Robots in Disguise) ... My favorite song would probably be something like Bitter End by Placebo or The sex has made me stupid by Robots in Disguise :D But there are just so many good ones...

13. If I hear the word: chocolate I think:  It's white or you can keep it. ;) (Am I racist?)

14. My favorite Hobby: watching TV series with my boyfriend, of course Make-up and just hanging out with my bf :D

15. I can't live without: my boy, my kitty and of course FOOD ^^

16. My weirdest habit is: That's a hard question.... Damn.... I always wear socks.... like always xD except when I have a bath or shower, I visit sauna or I.... change them :D

17. A song that automatically gets me dancing:
Any drum 'n' base thing. :D

18. My fortune cookie saying: I don't really have a good one. I've always liked: Keep it unreal. :)

19. I am a blogger because: I wanted to get in contact with many girls that like the same things!

20. I tag: Blue Diamond (her Blog is daskaminzimmer), O.Philia, Living Room, Living a real dream (Mika), Baphos Leseecke, Minkis Beautycorner, mio amenita and last but not least Dolceamaras Allerlei!
Hope to see you very soon!

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