Friday, December 30, 2011

To-Go Make-Up: New Year's Eve 2011

Hey guys,

Yaaaay, Youtube finally managed to get my video up. ;) So here’s my New Year’s Eve look for you. I know it’s nothing super special but I really like this simple looks for events. Because I am always afraid that the look turns out wrong if I try something special.

But the eye catching thing about this look is the liner. I was not sure what I would do with it and decided to do a dotted liner. I used some silver on a shimmery black liquid liner. I think it looks really good with most dark looks and is perfect for New Year’s Eve. :)

What you need:
  • Eyeshadow base (as Mac Paint Pot in Painterly)
  • White shimmery base (as Sleek IDivine Primer palette - Moonshine)
  • Silver shimmery base (as Sleek IDivine Primer palette – Hot wired!)
  • Shimmery white eyeshadow (as Zoeva Metallic Stones palette)
  • Dark shimmery grey eyeshadow (as Zoeva Metallic Stones palette)
  • Warm brown eyeshadow
  • Matt white eyeshadow
  • Black shimmery base (as Sleek IDivine Primer palette – Money honey)
  • Shimmery black liquid eyeliner
  • Silver liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Optional: false lashes (as Red Cherry No. 12)
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Bronzer (as Bobbi Brown Blush Stick in Suede)
  • Powder
  • Pink blush
  • Orange based red lipliner
  • Orange red lipstick
  • Shimmery silver lipgloss (as Mac Dazzleglass in Pleasure Principle)

I hope you’re having a great New Year and enjoy all the happy and sad hours of it. Life is so precious, so don’t waste it. :) Hope to see you next year!

Take care, bye!

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  1. das letzte bild is toll =) dein jahr geht nobel zu ende^^