Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tag: My Year 2011

Hey guys,
so this is the last post this year. ;) Just a little tag I found and I thought it's so cute. I tried to answer with just a few words. Enjoy!

Best things that happened?
Decided to move in with my boyfriend, vacation in Milan, Vienna and Hungary, started my blog and Youtube channel, bought a new laptop and a camera

Done first time this year?
Made a Youtube video
Wrote a blogpost
Got a comment on a make-up look
Won a give-away
Visited Hungary
Found a great girl in Italy ;)

Word of the year?

Gained or lost weight?
little bit of both. :) bought a new scale and it measures a different weight

City of the year?
Milan and Vienna…. Can’t decide

Longer or shorter hair?
bit shorter…

Spend more or less money?
probably more… :D bought some make-up and laptop, camera, …

Been in hospital?
No, but lost my wisdom teeth and realized that I am allergic to antibiotics

In love?
still :) it’s nearly 3 years now ;)

Most called person?

Most time spend with?
my cat :) don’t like to leave her alone

Most precious time spend with?
my boyfriend

Book of the year?
Mein Herz, das schlägt, gehört nicht mir by Aline Feuvrier-Boulanger

Movie of the year?
Alice in Wonderland maybe (was my first 3D movie)

Song of the year?
Bad company by Bad company

TV-Series of the year?
Supernatural, definitely (and Bones)

Three unnecessary things?
All that war, the tsunami in Japan, all that kitty hair on my couch! ;)

2011 in one word?
very special

Hope you had a great year, too. :) Love you, guys!

If you like kitties, click once, so my cat gets a new toilet! :)

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  1. Hey, many thanks for your comment. I realy wish you a great next year too. i hope you will have a lot of fun and success with your blog and in your private life :)