Friday, December 30, 2011

Line it! Winged Eyeliner

Hey guys,

This is a late blogpost for a video I uploaded. At the moment I have very little time because I started packing my stuff and I will be moving in with my boyfriend soon. :)

So this look is the last one of the Line it!-series. I wanted to do one more but I didn’t find a model and I can’t do it on myself. So next new there will be a new series, and if you have a suggestion, let me know!

It’s the most basic thing in the world: Flicked eyeliner. But it’s not as easy as you think if you have such a strange eye shape like I have. :D So I wanted to show you how I do it (when I do it). Maybe it helps some people with hooded eyes. 

What you need:
  • Eyeshadow base (as Mac Paint Pot in Painterly)
  • Red eyeshadow (as Wet n Wild palette in Enter A New Realm)
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Shimmery golden highlight color
  • White base (as Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk)
  • Black gel eyeliner (as Bobbi Brown Eyeliner in Black Ink)
  • Mascara
  • Concealer
  • Bronzer (as Bobbi Brown Blush Stick in Suede)
  • Natural colored blush (as Mac Blushcreme in Ladyblush)
  • Clear gloss
  • Optional: shimmery gloss (as Mac Dazzleglass in Pleasure Principle)

Hope you enjoyed that. :)

Take care, bye!

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