Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[Challenge] 20th of December

Hey guys,

today's question is:

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?

Well, that's an easy one. Of course it's decorating the house in the week before the 1st Advent. This is just really much fun and when I was younger I used to do it with my Grannies and I loved it so much. They had a huge pyramid and I was free to decorate it how I wanted. That was so great. 

So today it's not so much fun anymore because my Granny lives far from my flat and has to decorate on her own. And so do I. So nowadays I have to clean my flat alone before I decorate the windowsills and stuff, and I have to get all the other decoration stuff away (these are the not so funny things which my Granny did in those days)... But yeah, it's still great, I just wish I had like one or two days off to do so. Since I hadn't time I couldn't do a lot of decoration but I hope it will be better next year when I don't have to work so hard for university. :)

So what's your favorite tradition? Baking, decorating the tree?

Talk to you tomorrow!

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