Sunday, December 11, 2011

[Challenge] 11th of December

Hey guys,

today's question is: Who's the person you have the best gift ideas for?

That's a hard question because I already got all presents. I would now show you the picture of my huuuuuge gift package that is hidden in my bed room. But unfortunately I think all the people would read this and know what they get. So I will just talk about it without any pictures. ;) (Boring, hu?)

First my boyfriend: He's really thankful and it is so easy to give something to him. Most of the time he is really glad no matter what he got. :) (His granny always has the craziest gifts. xD) The problem is that I'd really like to give him something with a little meaning showing him that I love him and stuff. So of course I know thousand of (technological) things to give to him but it's so hard to find a really personal gift. :/

Then my roommate: The problem with her is that I know thousands of things she would need and I am always afraid that I get too much and spend too much money on her present. :D So this year I kept it simple and got her something really practical. We'll see wether she likes it!

My best friend: I think it's really easy to find a good gift for her. She is interested in many things and we talk a lot so most of the time I have tons of ideas for her. This year it was quite easy to find something cute and I hope she'll like it. :)

Last person that gets a real present is my mom. This is also quite hard because she is interested in many things but I always have to think really hard. :D Most of the time my boyfriend has a great idea, too, so we combine them and have a nice present.

My grannies get a calendar every year with pictures of me and my boyfriend. I really enjoy doing them and my half-sibblings that I never see can watch pictures of me, too. I think especially for family members that you don't see that often it's a great idea. :) 

All people get some selfmade cookies and stuff, too. You don't have to spend money on expensive chocolate if you have some cookies. :)

So now who is that person that I have the best ideas for: Probably my best friend. I know her for a really long time and since we see each other so often it's really the easiest case. :) Greetings to you. ;)

So enjoy your day and I'll talk to you later!

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