Saturday, December 10, 2011

[Advent Calendar] Window 9 Winner?

Hey guys,

I must say I am quite upset. I really thought there would be a few people that are interested in this little thingy. One of my unwritten give-away rules is: There is no give-away when there are not at least 3-5 people participating. So there were only two comments and that's not enough for me to call it a give-away. Of course this is now quite unfair for the two of you, and I know that, but I will cancel this give-away because I don't feel like this is right.

Another possibility would have been to say, you'll have more time to enter, but this is part of the Blogger Advent Calendar and a simple rule is that these give-aways are just on one day!

I am so sorry but I love giving things away and when I feel like nobody is really interested in that gift it makes me really sad. So I rather give it to someone I know who's really gonna love it. :) I hope you understand that. There are so many more give-aways coming up so that you can enter. The next one is here!

I just wanted to share something else with you. For all the guys that clicked my little kitty-scratching post-thing, here is the cat with the new scratching post! I now bought it myself because it was on sale. If you click the link now it is for a new kitty toilet! ;)

Ok, bye guys!

If you like kitties, click once, so my cat gets a new toilet! :)

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