Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tag: My autumn feeling


I just saw this tag and I really liked it. It is all about fall/ autumn and what I like and dislike. It's not only beauty but a little bit fashion and lifestyle as well.

It would be really nice if you post me your answers to the following questions, too:
1) Do you like autumn?
2) How do you decorate your house or appartment?
3) What are your favorite autumn nailpolishes?
4) What are your favorite autumn eyeshadows?
5) What other beauty products do you like in autumn?
6) What are your favorite hats, scarves, gloves...?
7) What's your favorite autumn scent/parfum?
8) Skirt or trousers?
9) Do you use candles with a certain scent?
10) What's your favorite tea?
11) What did you do on Halloween?
12) What would you do if someone gives you a pumpkin?
13) What do you associate with autumn?
14) Do you like Christmas sweets in autumn?
15) When do you start to be happy because Christmas is soon?

I didn't answer them all because it would be way too much to talk about.

Have an awesome day, talk to you soon!

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