Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to wear Take the Stage by OPI

 Hey guys,

I recently tried out one of the Burlesque OPI nailpolishes. I thought the color would be really opaque and glittery as I had seen it before with other polishes. But this one really disappointed me. It was streaky and not opaque at all and after the third coat I gave up. I took pictures of it. So all fingers are 2 coats except the pinky finger (3 coats).

 I then tried to think of a nice way to wear it, and when I saw the following video I was sure that this is not only my problem. 

I tried it now with a black color underneath and loooooove the results. It looks so nice and expensive and is especially pretty on a night out. Because of the flash you can't really tell from the pictures but it's really dark and black but warm and bronzy where the light hits it. Beautiful color. (1 coat black and 1 coat Take the Stage)

I hope some of you like that idea and you try it. :) 

See you soon!

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  1. It looks much better with the black nail base... thanks for giving me this brilliant idea :)

  2. I like the other one even better. Will be on my blog next week. :)