Thursday, September 1, 2011

Purchase of the Month: August

Hey guys,

So this time it’s nothing I have purchased… It’s more a gift. There was that give-away where everyone got these nail polishes. Together they would be 50 Euro, I think. So there’s a red one, a taupe one, a dark red one and a blue one, as well as a quick dry top coat. All in all I am in love with these. I will tell you what I think about them.

What I got:
Woman in Red
A really nice color for girls that like red nail polish. I think many girls do. For me it’s a little too red for my nails, so my best friend tried it. She really liked it. Didn’t chip too easily. The color is really intense, definitely opaque in 1-2 coats.

Icy Chocolate
That’s the first one I tried. I really liked it. Would be a great color for Autumn maybe. It was really long lasting. I was so surprised. Normal nail polishes never stay on that long on my nails. Love love love.

Dark Night
Again a color for my best friend, I am just not a red girl. This color looks really nice in the char. But actually I didn’t like it at all. It was really splodgy when I applied the first coat. But after a second coat I don’t like the color anymore because it is just a dark brown. You can’t see the red or pink shimmer no more. This one was disappointing.

Blue Hour in Town
I am still wearing this one right now. It’s a nice color, I love light blue nail polish. I think this one has a little pastelly touch but is really vibrant. I am wearing two coats again. It chipped a little bit, but I think that was my mistake. We’ll see how long this one lasts.

Quick Dry
I only tried this one in combination with the Anny polishes, but I liked it. It gave a nice sheen and helped to try fast. Don’t know whether it helps to get polishes more long lasting. :) - Edit: It does!

So that’s all I have got to say. Enjoy your day.

Take care, bye!

PS: The give-away is closed now. I will announce the winners as soon as I am back. :)

I’d like to have this thing, so please click once. :)

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