Saturday, August 13, 2011

Purchase of the Month: June and July


Hey guys,

Finally I wanted to show you some new stuff I got. All in all I like all that stuff, but I am not too lucky with those nail polishes by OPI. :D We’ll see whether I give up one day.

What I got:

  • OPI nail polishes Burlesque:
These were reduced and I decided to buy the set with all 4 polishes. I tried the golden and the red one. These break off really fast (about one day and I lost the first bits, on my hands as well as on my feet). That’s something I hate about these, because they are so expensive and I don’t get why the just do that on me. :D
On the other hand I have big problems with removing the polish. My nails still have the glitter on or some color or whatever, and I really damage my nails by trying to get all the polish off.
All in all I wouldn’t buy these again.
  • OCC lip tars:
I got the colors Reverb, Anime, Katricia, Tarred and Divine. I love them all, but Tarred did disappoint me a bit. It was way more watery than the other ones and even after shaking it like hell, it was watery. The other colors are fantastic, long lasting (especially Reverb), super pigmented and true in color (I was especially surprised by Katricia, which is a nice purple). I love these things and I will definitely get more soon. :)
  • Essence lipliner:
This is a nice color, because I wanted a true red lipliner. It gets kind of hard when it’s under 25° Celsius, so you really have to warm it up on your hand. But for the price it’s a good deal. It’s drying, but I believe any lipliner is. So I really like it.
  • P2 lipstick:
This lipstick also is quite cheap, but a good deal. It smells and tastes ok and I really like the color, which is a true red. Normally most reds are too orange or pink, but this one is great.
  • Essence eyeliner:
Really nice green color with a lot of shimmer, doesn’t smudge or anything. But it doesn’t stain the skin or make any problems when you try to remove it. I was really surprised, and I love it. But it’s not good for the waterline.

So all in all it’s quite good. :) I will add some pictures of the liptars all around. Check out the video for the other swatches. :)

Have an awesome day, guys.









I’d like to have this thing, so please click once. :)


  1. I love those products!! thanks for the review.. amazing colours :)

  2. ja auch rechts, aber da siehts schon zittriger aus haha :D Außerdem wurde der Tippainter von Essence immer zäher. er zog richtig fäden, wie Kaugummi. Zum malen überhaupt nicht mehr geeignet. Dicke ENTpfehlung :(

  3. Wow, der pinke (Anime) knallt ja mal richitg!^^

    Ein sehr cooler Einkauf!