Friday, August 5, 2011

[CLOSED] 1st Give-away: OPI, Catrice, essence, P2, ...

Hey guys,

Finally here is my give-away. :D I am quite late because I wasn’t sure how the rules should be. But now I decided how to do it. You can see the prizes on the pictures and in the video. I will now post the rules.

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You must be subscribed to my Youtube Channel.
  3. You should follow my blog and my Twitter and Dailybooth. (If you choose the Twitter or Dailybooth-Option you must follow me there.)
  4. If you enter on my blog, Twitter or Dailybooth you should name your Youtube-Channel.
  5. You can enter in many ways which I will write down below.
  6. There will be fortunes which you can gain by many different ways.
  7. “Enter me”-comments are not allowed and will not count.
  8. There is only one comment per video/blogpost that counts.
  9. I will pick the winners randomly.
  10. You can win the make-up set wherever you live – worldwide.
  11. You can win the nail polish set in Europe.
  12. The give-away will end on August, 31st.
  13. Winners will be announced at the end of one of my normal videos.
  14. Winners will also be announced on my blog in a special post.
  15. Winners will have one week to send me a message.

How to enter (fortune number in brackets):
  1. Write a comment for any video you like. (1)
  2. Write a comment for any blogpost you like. (1)
  3. Write a comment for the give-away video telling me what you like/dislike in my videos. (1)
  4. Retweet my tweets about new blogposts or videos. This does not count for normal tweets. This will only count once a tweet. (1)
  5. Create a blogpost about my blog and this give-away with a link to this post. (4)
  6. Create a Vlog-Video where you talk about my blog, what you like, why you watch my videos and add it as a video response to the give-away video. (5)
  7. Create a look inspired by one of my looks and post it on your blog or dailybooth. Post the link in a comment underneath this post – not Youtube. You should link my original post in this post. (6)
  8. Create a video inspired by one of my videos and add this as a video response to that video. You should mention my nickname in this video or in the title and link my Channel in the bottom bar. (7)

So there are many ways to enter this give-away. I hope you like it. Watch the video to see what you can win. :) It’s not much but these are just some awesome things.

I bought all these things myself and since I don’t have too much money to spend on those things, I hope you appreciate that. I wanna thank all the people that motivate me by watching my videos and comment and stuff. It’s unfair if you just subscribe for the give-away and then unsubscribe again. Keep that in mind. :) Of course new subscribers are welcome at any time, but no cheaters. ;)

Hope you’re having a great day!

I’d like to have this thing, so please click once. :)


  1. yay! im the 1st to comment! :D i feel special! hehe just followed u on twit as gerilen, on utube as gerilenpolon, and sub to ur blogsite! :D i dont have a dailybooth so i hope twit is ok.. :) i just saw u today and na.. im not here just bcause of the giveaway.. i love ur accent and i hope to have u as one of my Online girlfriends.. :)

  2. That's cute. :D I hate my accent.

  3. I dont have a gailybooth.. but followed you on twitter, on youtube Yudiiith97.
    Thank you :D

  4. dont have a dailybooth....followed you on twitter my username is roor0x

  5. thanks alot 4 this giveaway..i really like the prizes! thanks also 4 the reviews of products u use...i'm very interested in them. i follow u on YT and Twitter.