Friday, July 8, 2011

Purchase of the Month: May

Hey guys,

Oh my freaking gosh. :D I totally forgot to post these pictures and the video. I did that a month ago and then just forgot it. I wanted to finish the requested swatches of the Tarte Jewelry Box so I can do the swatches of the Metallic Stones Palette. Unfortunately I am not done already because I messed up the lip swatches. I didn’t write down the number with all the swatches. So I have to redo some, but I will upload all the other ones now and then just put the missing ones here as soon as I can.

What else do I have to say? I love this thing. I am sorry if I bore you to death. :D But I wanna share my love. And there was nothing interesting to say about May. There will be far more interesting stuff in the June one which will be filmed and uploaded soon. 

Watch the video to see my full review, swatches and me acting stupid as always. ;)

The lipcolors.
Color 1.

Color 2.

Color 5.

Other colors will follow soon.

Highlighter and bronzer.
Swatches will follow.


Swatched eyeliners. (same order)

Thanks so much for your time and see you very soon with a new look and a new series!

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