Thursday, June 9, 2011

To-Go Make-Up: Trends of the Summer

Hey guys,

I did three looks for you today. :) These are like some ways to wear bright colors in the summer without looking like a rainbow. These looks are really simple and quickly done and they are perfect for a day off if you go out or shopping with friends.

I’ll post the pictures here because I did not save the links. They were at the Yahoo page and this was like weeks ago. I don’t remember where they are from. If there is any problem with these I’ll have to delete them again.

I did three looks, a green one, a blue one and a pink one. Every look is a little different and I like the pink one the most.

But also the blue one with this eyeliner looks great. All in all I really enjoyed wearing these. I hope you do so, too.

And I am sorry that I like to mix British and American English… It’s weird for me. xD

What you need:
  • Base eyeshadow
  • Bright eyeshadow (the color you like the most)
  • Warm brown eyeshadow
  • Highlighting eyeshadow
  • Optional: black gel eyeliner
  • Optional: black eyeliner pencil
  • Mascara
  • Concealer
  • Bright lipstick (the color you like the most)
  • Bronzer
  • Optional: blush
  • Eyebrow kit

Have a colorful summer, wherever you are. :D


Take care, bye!

I’d like to have this thing, so please click once. :)

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