Friday, June 24, 2011

Contest time: wayofyourstyle

Hey guys,

My head is a mess which means that I always forget things. I read it and it’s gone. I hate that. But well, you will understand in a second.

First I wanna talk about two of my brushes. These are like the more high-end brushes I own. The others are not that great but work well. Still I wanna order some Crown Brushes in the summer as soon as my lip tars arrive. ;)

Ok, the first brush was the most expensive one: It’s the Mac 224 brush which you all know (and I talked about that one before). But now that I have worked with it for some months I think I can tell you some more details.

First: I still love this brush. It’s great for what it’s for: blending. I use this in like every single look I do. And I’m sure you all know that. :D

But: It sheds. It loses more hair than I do when I wash my hair. And that sucks. I didn’t recognize that it changed the way it works yet. But I am sure it will have an influence. I mean if a brush loses all its hair what do you wanna work with? And a 30-euro-brush is nothing you can buy every year. :D
So I am interested in some other brands that do brushes like that. I am not sure which would be a brand that could be better than Mac because I hadn’t had the opportunity to try others yet. But one brand caught my eye (apart from Crown Brushes) and that was Sigma.

The first make-up brush I owned was by Sigma. It once was the SS239, but I think now it’s the E55. I had this one for about a year now and still it’s one of my favorites. It doesn’t shed, it’s super soft and doesn’t irritate my eye (which is quite important for me). This is also a brush I use like all the time. Maybe even more often than the Mac one. :D

If you wonder why I am telling you all this, it’s quite simple:

I saw a give-away of a German blogger. You can find her blog here:

She is giving away a travel size blending brush by Sigma (E25). As far as I know this is the conglomerate of the two brushes I love the most, so how can I miss that? :D

If you also wanna join her give-away (I am not sure, I think it’s only opened to Germany), you should definitely check out her blog. She’s really cute, and she is always posting. :D Sometimes more than once a day. Let’s say, she’s the ideal blogger-girl. :D

So, thx so much for this contest, wayofyourstyle (which is quite a weird name. ;))!

Love you all, have a nice day!

I’d like to have this thing, so please click once. :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about 224 by MAC, to be honest mine doesnt shed at all ... well i have this since last March and i use it every day... also i bought it in England and paid for it only 17 £ cause i was at the airport.. but i know what you mean :(

  2. Well, I heard many people talking about it sheding... :( Maybe you're just lucky! Or I am unlucky. :D