Friday, April 29, 2011

Purchase of the Month: March and April

Cute little nail design using Kikos 295 and 281.
The Kiko Mat Lipstick in 288.
Hey guys,

I wanted to share with you what I think about my new Kiko stuff. I tried anything for about 2 months now and I think I made up my mind and I can tell you everything now. :D

Of course you should watch the video because sometimes what I say and what I write are two different things. :D I’ll try to put some nice pictures everywhere.

Done with the Water Eyeshadow in 01.
 What I bought:
  • Kiko Water Eyeshadow in 01 Bright Lemon: This is my all time favorite golden eyeshadow. You can use it wet and dry and it looks good in both ways. I like the wet version more and it’s somehow designed for that if you think of the name. It’s a great color, I saw it and wanted to buy it. I’ll put you the picture of a look using this here.
  • Kiko Lipstick in No. 37: A beautiful purple color I bought because I didn’t have anything like that yet. Worn just on top of the natural lip color it’s just a sheer purple shimmer but with some concealer underneath it’s a beautiful lavender color which is perfect for spring I think.
  • Kiko Mat Lipstick in No. 288: The most perfect red for my skin tone because it doesn’t make me look pale. It’s not a pink toned red but a beautiful warm tone. It definitely has an orange undertone but I love that. It also stays put really well for a red lipstick. Just a cool lipstick.
  • Kiko Sharpener: I needed something to sharpen my Nyx Jumbo Pencils with and since I went to Kiko I found this sharpener. It works really well for all my lipliners and eyeliners and I didn’t have any problem with the Nyx Pencils. So if you’re looking for a sharpener check out this one.
  • Kiko Brush Cleanser: I also needed a brush cleanser. This one is 50mland it works quite well. It dries really quickly.
  • Kiko Nail polishes: I bought the colors 204 (the white one), 295 (the blue one), 281 (the coral one) and 207 (the beige one). I will try these again as soon as my nails are fixed because I don’t know why they broke so much. But if it is because of the polishes that is really disappointing. If there is a significant change in my mind, I will let you know. The colors are amazing and especially the blue and the coral one are really opaque. They’re perfect spring colors. We’ll see what a different base coat can do about the breaking stuff.
  • OPI Nail polish in Flashbulb Fuchsia: This one is slightly bigger than the Kiko polishes. The color is really amazing, so damn opaque and the most beautiful pink I own. I just can’t say how long it could last because my nails were so damaged. I would say about  5 days but not much longer. I will definitely try that one out again and let you know. :)
  • Laphroaig Honey Lip Balm: This was a gift my boyfriend brought me from Scotland. This is just a funny thing and if you’re boyfriend likes honey and whisky he may love it. ;) I think it’s great for people that don’t want to feel like they’re wearing make-up or stuff. You can buy that here, I think:! :)
 Kiko's 295.
 Kiko's 281 with 295 flower.
After 3-4 days.
After 3-4 days.
OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia.
After 6-7 days.
Kiko's 207. 
 After 3-4 days.

Kiko's Lipstick in 37.
That’s it for March and April. I just got some Douglas coupons so maybe I will buy some stuff in May.

See you soon, bye.

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