Monday, April 4, 2011

February Girl: The Foretaste of Spring

Hey guys,

Finally there it is: The February Girl. I had a lot of trouble finding a girl that had enough time to do a little photo shoot with me but now I found one.

I love this simple spring make-up with soft pinks but not boring because of the feather lashes and the turquoise eyeliner. The red lips are also very soft and natural and match her hair color so beautifully. It was so much fun to take these pictures and I hope it is also fun to watch them.

Now I am working on the March Girl though I am really late. I hope it will be there within the next two to three weeks. I will try everything to get back to schedule again because I have so many great ideas.

Now enjoy the look. The video isn’t too long but it was hard for me to work with someone totally unknown and record that. :D I was so nervous that I stood in front of the camera half the time. Sorry.

What you need:
  • Light pink pigment (as About Face Cosmetics in Take the cake)
  • Optional: Mac Fix+ or water
  • Brown eyeshadow
  • Optional: different shades of brown eyeshadwo
  • White highlight color (as Tarte Jewelry Box No. 17)
  • White eyeliner pencil (as Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk)
  • Glittery white eyeshadow (as Tarte Jewelry Box No. 4)
  • Turquoise eyeliner (as a mixture of Ponyhütchen’s Line it and Ponyhütchen’s Ahoi Sailor and About Face Cosmetics in Elves rules)
  • Feather lashes (as Kiko Lashes No.02 Sophisticated)
  • Concealer, foundation
  • Eyebrow powder
  • Orangey red lipstick (as Mac Emanuel Ungaro No. 11)
  • Optional: golden glitter onto the middle of the lips (as About Face Cosmetics in Killer Bees)

Of course we also tried to find an outfit that matches the whole spring thing. The sweet pink dress was my inspiration for the look. The teal colored cardigan looks so cool with it. I am a fan of cardigans. xD I also think that pinks and turquoise go really well with each other. Because of this really cool hair color I wanted to do something pin-up inspired but way more casual. That’s why we put on the feather lashes and her flats go really well with that.

So wait for The March Girl. And don’t forget to comment! (You can also comment if you do not have a Google Account! :)) Don’t be shy, please.

Take care, bye.

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  1. voll schön geworden =) die wimper, ein traum ^^ und sie ist ja auch voll toll =)