Thursday, March 31, 2011

Purchase of the Month: January and February

Hey guys,

This is a funny new thing I wanted to do. I called it Purchase of the Month because I wanna show you what I bought. It’s a mixture of haul and review, depending on the products I wanna show you.

This is the January and February one because I didn’t buy much in January and I wanted to show you more than 2 minutes. :D

But I will try to do this every month now. What do you think? Good idea? *comment!*

What I bought:
  • Mac Fix+
I used it on the lips and eyes to create wet pigments and it worked really well. Even without a base there wasn’t much creasing at all. Looove that product for this particular use.
  • Mac 224
My favorite brush and the first one I bought at Mac. I totally love it and one day I will buy a second one for applying powder on top of my concealer every day. But it still works great for blending and applying eyeshadow.
  • Rae Morris – Make-Up: The ultimate Guide
Great book. Perfect for beginners because of so much information and so many great pictures. There are also looks for mature skin with lots of tips. I totally recommend having a look at it.
Tell me your opinion on these products and whether you think this could be helpful.

Take care, bye.

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