Monday, February 28, 2011

To-Go Make-Up: Smoky Wedding Look

Hey guys,

Here is a supposed to be bridal make-up which in my opinion is a little bit too harsh. I still liked it very much for its classiness and for me it’s kind of ageless.

Main colors are black and white which is so hard to blend and get nice. I am still a beginner and so it’s far from being perfect and was such a hard work to do. But I like how it looked in the pictures in the end so it was worth all the following headaches.

If you like it let me know, I love reading your comments!

What you need:
  • White base (as Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk)
  • White eyeshadow
  • Soft brown eyeshadow
  • Darker brown eyeshadow
  • Dark grey eyeshadow
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Lot of time for blending ;)
  • Mascara and black eyeliner, optional: false lashes (as Red Cherry No.47)
  • Brow powder or even brow gel
  • Foundation, concealer, contour color, powder
  • Natural colored blush and highlighter
  • Natural colored lipliner (as Nyx Lipliner in Mauve)
  • Natural colored lipstick (as Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Carnation)
  • Tiny amount of gloss

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and if you like it, please comment. Tell me, whatever you think about it. :)

Take care, bye.


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  1. Thanks for providing the make-up tips and things required for a smoky wedding look. This type of make-up looks beautiful and simple. This is really a very useful post.