Friday, February 11, 2011

To-Go Make-Up: Paris Hilton

Hey guys,

This is a party look for you. :D It is inspired by a look Paris Hilton wore, and you can find it here:

I don’t like that kind of make-up too much but it’s something different and I think many girls like things like the dark liner underneath, the heavy lashes and those dramatic doll pink lips. I hope you like it and leave some comments on what you think.

What you need:
  • White glittery eyeshadow
  • Bronze glittery eyeshadow
  • Satin finish highlight color
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Lots of mascara
  • Concealer, foundation, contour color
  • Natural or pink colored blush
  • Highlighter onto your cheekbones
  • Pale pink lipstick (as Barry M Lipstick in Palest Lavender)
  • Pale pink lipgloss

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and comment if you did.

Take care, bye.


  1. Ein schön dezentes alltagstaugliches Make up, chic!

    Trägst Du eigentlich Kontaktlinsen? Deine Pupillen sind ja megagroß. o.O

    Liebe Grüße ... Emily

  2. Nein, meine Pupillen sind so. :D Fragen mich viele Leute.

  3. Wow! Das ist echt etwas Besonderes und ein wirklicher Hingucker. ;-)