Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to BeautyChemCam

This is my new blog. As you can tell from the name the topics are such as beauty, style and make-up. At the moment there are a lot of people interested in this stuff and Youtube already is full of people doing their make-up-looks. Though I decided to do my own blog because this is a way to get better and hear the opinion and tips of other people.

First I want to tell you a few things about myself. I’m writing and talking English, though I live in Germany (and of course my English is not at all perfect, I know). But I think, this is the way, most people can understand what I’m trying to say and in my opinion there are not too many good German “Gurus” (I hate this word, but I guess you know what I mean). So to share my addiction with all of you guys, I’m talking in English only.
Next thing is that many people seem to think, if you do make-up and stuff and put it on a blog or load up videos you have to be a Pro. This is not what I think. I think that this is fun, I like doing this and I love to share it, though I know that this has nothing  to do with professional or perfect. When I watch videos of other people I’m interested in how they’ve changed while doing their blog or vlog. Some people are doing this stuff for about 3 years and when you watch one of their first videos you may not recognize them because they’ve changed so much. I want to give anybody who’s interested the chance to see how I develop. If you’re not interested, better quit now. ;)
Ok, that might be enough of information about me. Let me introduce you to what will be up here soon.
I decided to split my blog and my videos into 3 sections or topics. The first thing I will be doing is looks that are very wearable and helpful for everyday make-up. Often these looks will be celebrity-inspired. I decided to call this To-Go-looks, cause that is what they are. Second thing is a theme which will be chosen for about 3 month. In this time there will be about 10 looks maybe and after that the theme will change. First one will be called Color Xtreme and will be finished in March. The last thing I plan is to be published once a month, and that will be styling pictures of different models I’ll try to find in my hometown Chemnitz. Styling and make-up will be done by me and my best friend.
Ok, so these are the ideas I have got and let’s see whether there is enough time to get all this done. I hope so and I hope, you’ll like it.
See you soon and have a nice day.

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