Thursday, January 6, 2011

To-Go Make-Up: Katy Perry

here is a new look for you guys. It is a more wearable make-up for work or school. It is inspired by Katy Perry, and the picture I found is linked here:

Special about this look are the lashes cause they are so long and full, a very neutral colored eye lid and this beautiful soft pink color on lips and cheeks. I hope you like it, have fun.

What you need for the make-up:
  • Foundation (Mac Studio Fix Fluid), Concealer, contour and highlight color, bronzy blush, powder
  • Brown eyeliner pencil
  • Soft beige colored eyeshadow
  • Chocolate brown colored eyeshadow
  • Black eyeshadow (optional)
  • Dark grey eyeshadow
  • White eyeliner pencil (or brown again for people with big eyes)
  • White eyeshadow
  • Natural colored lip liner
  • Soft pink or coral colored lipstick
  • Clear gloss
  • Mascara
  • Red Cherry lashes No. 47 (optional)
  • Eyebrow kit  

Just to tell you the news, I got a camera now and I already tried it out and I think the video is great. So see you guys on Saturday, hopefully, when I want to upload that next video.
Take care, bye.

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