Thursday, January 13, 2011


as you can see there is no post this week so far. I am ill at the moment and the video-thing is still driving me mad because nothing worked out. Every program has a new error but I will find a way to figure this out. If I do I hope I can maybe do one look this weekend but I cannot promise anything.

Though I wanted to write you today and I decided to introduce you to a website I found. It is called and it is supposed to fulfill your wishes. I have got an account there for half a year now and I already got 2 wishes fulfilled and one is being checked right now and then hopefully shipped soon. You can earn like *money* there which is for clicks you give them. I am not a fan of click-things at all but I quite like this one. It’s not only about clicking and getting things but it’s a whole community and you get these wishes fulfilled without getting clicks, too, because there are some tasks like playing a game or leave a comment there and if you do them you also get *money*.

Well, I don’t want anybody to go there and create an account. I just wanted to explain what this is about because I feel free to post my click-thing under my posts. You have nothing to do but click once, doesn’t hurt, take any time or money. It is just a fun and easy way to get some extra make-up-stuff because you all know how expensive it is. If you wanna help me feel free to click. (Also it has not to be my link which is posted here but if I like a wish I will give you the opportunity to help.) As I said, just one click is enough, you don’t have to have a account there or something. You can close the site right away after it has opened.

There it is:


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