Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dshini Q&A in German

Hey guys,

I had to do this video in German because it is an entry for a give-away of a German side called ( I already introduced you to it. :) These are the strange links at the bottom of my posts.)

I just wanted to tell you what I am talking about in this video. :) The question were given by and I just wanna show you the interesting ones.

Why should I be the one winning? Don’t know, just trying. :)
What did I already get there? A make-up palette, a brush set and soon I will get a book.
What wishes do I like most? Wishes to save animals…
When did I enter that community? June of 2010...
My best friend of the community? One of my best friends and my boyfriend.
What do I like? Community stuff and the main idea.
Favorite daily [task that you get points for]? Give points to other people’s wishes
My 3 most important wishes? Health of my cat, peace within my family, get famous at Youtube ;)
Where do I like to buy stuff? and shoe stores
What inspires me? Pixiwoo, xsparkage and MichellePhan
Favorite band? Placebo / Favorite film? Disney…. like snow white or sleeping beauty
Where do I wanna travel? America
What do I do? should: exams, do: make-up videos, want: holidays!

And then there came the puking cat. :D 

So I really hope you enjoyed this Q&A. Don’t forget to comment.

Take care, bye.

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