Monday, January 31, 2011

Color Xtreme: Only using eyeliners

Hey guys,

Here’s another contest entry for you. :) This is for beautiful Marlena (MakeupGeekTV). I hope you like it, it was so hard to do. But I loved the idea and I just wanted to try something quite new and here it is.

My best friend told me to do a little Pros and Cons of using eyeliners.

  • You can use it as a base for powder (which will set and intensify the color)
  • Makes your look more dramatic
  • You can use it as crème blush or lipstick, too
  • “wet look” if you use enough
  • It’s something special and fun
  • Very hard to blend
  • Creases and wears off fast
  • Harder to fix if you do mistakes (but, well, anything can be fixed with some remover ;))
Well, the main problem is the creasing and fading of the colors. If you like this look for any reason you can just wear some powder eyeshadow over your pencil base and it would look great.

What you need:
  • Teal or blue eyeliner pencil
  • Red or orange eyeliner pencil
  • White eyeliner
  • Black gel or liquid liner
  • Mascara and  false lashes (Red Cherry No. 101)
  • Concealer, bronzer
  • Lip balm (because an eyeliner pencil can dry out your lips)
I really hope you enjoyed this strange tutorial and comment if you did.

Take care, bye.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dshini Q&A in German

Hey guys,

I had to do this video in German because it is an entry for a give-away of a German side called ( I already introduced you to it. :) These are the strange links at the bottom of my posts.)

I just wanted to tell you what I am talking about in this video. :) The question were given by and I just wanna show you the interesting ones.

Why should I be the one winning? Don’t know, just trying. :)
What did I already get there? A make-up palette, a brush set and soon I will get a book.
What wishes do I like most? Wishes to save animals…
When did I enter that community? June of 2010...
My best friend of the community? One of my best friends and my boyfriend.
What do I like? Community stuff and the main idea.
Favorite daily [task that you get points for]? Give points to other people’s wishes
My 3 most important wishes? Health of my cat, peace within my family, get famous at Youtube ;)
Where do I like to buy stuff? and shoe stores
What inspires me? Pixiwoo, xsparkage and MichellePhan
Favorite band? Placebo / Favorite film? Disney…. like snow white or sleeping beauty
Where do I wanna travel? America
What do I do? should: exams, do: make-up videos, want: holidays!

And then there came the puking cat. :D 

So I really hope you enjoyed this Q&A. Don’t forget to comment.

Take care, bye.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To-Go Make-Up: Wearable Pinks

Hey guys,

this is a new tutorial look for you that is wearable and has a beautiful pop of color. As I said before I love pink and I did this look to wear it for a birthday party. The people liked it and so I wanted to share it with you.

This look is good for people like me, who do not have as much of an eyelid as most people seem to have. I have huge eyes and so make-up doesn’t really show through. The main color is underneath the eyes and on the lips with a healthy cheek color and a black eyeliner. I like that look for not being over the top but also not being boring.

 What you need:

  • Pink base (as Mac Paintpot in Girlfriendly)
  • Soft light pink colored eyeshadow
  • Vibrant pink colored eyeshadow
  • Optional: pink pigment
  • White eyeliner (as Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk)
  • Eyeshadow in the lightest pink shade you have
  • Eyeliner, Mascara, optional: false lashes (Mac No. 33)
  • Concealer, Foundation, Contour Color, Powder
  • Pink blush
  • Pink lipliner
  • Pink lipstick
  • Lipgloss

So I really hope you enjoy this look. Don’t forget to comment.

Take care, bye.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Color Xtreme: Purple Smoky Eye

Hey guys,

I did another make-up today which is very colorful but still wearable because I really like the combination of color and a smoky look. I hope you like it.

This is very easy to do and still looks great for an evening out or something like that. The false lashes add a very sexy touch.


What you need:
  • pink or purple base (Mac Paint Pot in Girlfriendly)
  • dark purple or plum colored eyeshadow
  • vibrant purple eyeshadow
  • soft light purple colored eyeshadow
  • dark grey eyeshadow
  • purple pigment or glitter
  • highlight color
  • eyeliner (Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in 1 Black Ink)
  • mascara and false lashes, if you want to (Red Cherry No. 47)
  • concealer and foundation if you need to
  • contour kit and a soft blush (peachy)
  • setting powder over the top
  • neutral colored lip liner
  • neutral colored lipstick 
  • brow powder
I hope you enjoy and see you soon.

Take care, bye.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

To-Go Make-up: Angelina Jolie

Hey guys,

I made another tutorial tonight because I felt bad since I have got nothing done for more than a week. This is one of the unfortunately rare looks I did on myself because the main focus is on the lips and with my oversensitive eyes I'm not able to do great looks. :) I really hope you like it, I'm a little bit afraid but it was big fun to do this look.

As you can see I had an inspiration picture again which was this one: 
I liked this look very much though I haven't seen the movie yet and I am not sure whether I wanna see it. :D If you have any hint whether to do it or not, write me a comment.

The most important thing with this looks are the lips combined with a natural make up on the cheeks and the eyes. Those red and berry lip colors are very good for the upcoming spring. Also Angelina has beautiful lashes and I simply love this look on her. :)

What you need for the make-up:
  • soft beige eyeshadow (Brule by Mac)
  • warm brown eyeshadow
  • dark brown eyeshadow
  • white eyeliner pencil (Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk)
  • eyeliner (Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in 1 Black Ink)
  • mascara
  • foundation (YSL Teint Eclat de Soie)
  • concealer (if you need to)
  • contour kit
  • orange or corally colored blush
  • powder over the top
  • pink or red lip liner
  • red or berry toned lipstick

I really hope you like it, comment if you do.

Take care, bye.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


as you can see there is no post this week so far. I am ill at the moment and the video-thing is still driving me mad because nothing worked out. Every program has a new error but I will find a way to figure this out. If I do I hope I can maybe do one look this weekend but I cannot promise anything.

Though I wanted to write you today and I decided to introduce you to a website I found. It is called and it is supposed to fulfill your wishes. I have got an account there for half a year now and I already got 2 wishes fulfilled and one is being checked right now and then hopefully shipped soon. You can earn like *money* there which is for clicks you give them. I am not a fan of click-things at all but I quite like this one. It’s not only about clicking and getting things but it’s a whole community and you get these wishes fulfilled without getting clicks, too, because there are some tasks like playing a game or leave a comment there and if you do them you also get *money*.

Well, I don’t want anybody to go there and create an account. I just wanted to explain what this is about because I feel free to post my click-thing under my posts. You have nothing to do but click once, doesn’t hurt, take any time or money. It is just a fun and easy way to get some extra make-up-stuff because you all know how expensive it is. If you wanna help me feel free to click. (Also it has not to be my link which is posted here but if I like a wish I will give you the opportunity to help.) As I said, just one click is enough, you don’t have to have a account there or something. You can close the site right away after it has opened.

There it is:


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Color Xtreme: Pink and Silver

the video is up finally. But I'm far away from confident and my boyfriend will cry when he first sees the result. But well, I think you wanna see what I did, so here we go.

Though I decided to show you the pictures of the look today. It is a colorful but not too dramatic look. I saw it on Youtube and I really love it. The link of the original look is:
I really like silver eye make-up and pink is my very favorite color. So I really hope you like it and I can’t wait to show you the video and the outtakes of the first real video I filmed. :D

What you need for the make-up:
  • Eyeshadow base
  • Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk (white base)
  • Mac Paint Pot in Girl friendly (pink base)
  • Silver eyeshadow
  • Pink eyeshadow
  • White highlight color
  • Eyeliner (Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in 1 Black Ink)
  • Mascara
  • Concealer, (Foundation if you need to), Contour Color, orange colored blush
  • Pink lip liner
  • Pink lipstick
Take care, bye.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

To-Go Make-Up: Katy Perry

here is a new look for you guys. It is a more wearable make-up for work or school. It is inspired by Katy Perry, and the picture I found is linked here:

Special about this look are the lashes cause they are so long and full, a very neutral colored eye lid and this beautiful soft pink color on lips and cheeks. I hope you like it, have fun.

What you need for the make-up:
  • Foundation (Mac Studio Fix Fluid), Concealer, contour and highlight color, bronzy blush, powder
  • Brown eyeliner pencil
  • Soft beige colored eyeshadow
  • Chocolate brown colored eyeshadow
  • Black eyeshadow (optional)
  • Dark grey eyeshadow
  • White eyeliner pencil (or brown again for people with big eyes)
  • White eyeshadow
  • Natural colored lip liner
  • Soft pink or coral colored lipstick
  • Clear gloss
  • Mascara
  • Red Cherry lashes No. 47 (optional)
  • Eyebrow kit  

Just to tell you the news, I got a camera now and I already tried it out and I think the video is great. So see you guys on Saturday, hopefully, when I want to upload that next video.
Take care, bye.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Girl: The Blue Orchid

today I’m uploading the first tutorial. This is one of the monthly photo-looks I’m going to do. At first I decided to explain how I do these looks and pictures.
This model is a friend of mine. I told her to pick out her three favorite cloths or accessories and then I took one of these. We took her boots for those pictures. Next thing was planning the complete outfit with the help of my best friend.
As you can see, the model's wearing her black boots, blue leggings or tights, a black trench coat and a white scarf. We wanted this to be a simple outfit with a little bit of blue to match the make-up.
The make-up was mainly inspired by the false lashes I used. To see the steps I have done watch the video below.

Pictures were taken at the Christmas Market of Chemnitz.

What you need for the make-up:

  • Eyeshadow base
  • Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk (white base)
  • White and light blue eyeshadow
  • Dark blue eyeshadow
  • Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean (black base)
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Red Cherry Dark Night lashes
  • Concealer, Foundation (Mac Studio Fix Fluid), Contour Kit, Pink Blush
  • Natural colored lipliner
  • Dark red lipstick
  • Red or clear gloss

I really hope, you like this look. Have a nice day and see you soon.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to BeautyChemCam

This is my new blog. As you can tell from the name the topics are such as beauty, style and make-up. At the moment there are a lot of people interested in this stuff and Youtube already is full of people doing their make-up-looks. Though I decided to do my own blog because this is a way to get better and hear the opinion and tips of other people.

First I want to tell you a few things about myself. I’m writing and talking English, though I live in Germany (and of course my English is not at all perfect, I know). But I think, this is the way, most people can understand what I’m trying to say and in my opinion there are not too many good German “Gurus” (I hate this word, but I guess you know what I mean). So to share my addiction with all of you guys, I’m talking in English only.
Next thing is that many people seem to think, if you do make-up and stuff and put it on a blog or load up videos you have to be a Pro. This is not what I think. I think that this is fun, I like doing this and I love to share it, though I know that this has nothing  to do with professional or perfect. When I watch videos of other people I’m interested in how they’ve changed while doing their blog or vlog. Some people are doing this stuff for about 3 years and when you watch one of their first videos you may not recognize them because they’ve changed so much. I want to give anybody who’s interested the chance to see how I develop. If you’re not interested, better quit now. ;)
Ok, that might be enough of information about me. Let me introduce you to what will be up here soon.
I decided to split my blog and my videos into 3 sections or topics. The first thing I will be doing is looks that are very wearable and helpful for everyday make-up. Often these looks will be celebrity-inspired. I decided to call this To-Go-looks, cause that is what they are. Second thing is a theme which will be chosen for about 3 month. In this time there will be about 10 looks maybe and after that the theme will change. First one will be called Color Xtreme and will be finished in March. The last thing I plan is to be published once a month, and that will be styling pictures of different models I’ll try to find in my hometown Chemnitz. Styling and make-up will be done by me and my best friend.
Ok, so these are the ideas I have got and let’s see whether there is enough time to get all this done. I hope so and I hope, you’ll like it.
See you soon and have a nice day.